Libyan Gold Tecktite

Libyan Gold Tecktite

Libyan Gold Tecktite

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“The Truth is Out There”

With the mystery and controversial origins surrounding this supposed meteoric stone, it would likely be found in the pages of at least a few of Mulder & Scully’s X-Files. A sibling stone to another E.T. “crystal”, moldavite, Libyan Gold Tektite is said to have manifested from a meteor crashing into the modern-day Sahara Desert over 26 million years ago. Although, the confirmed origin of this stone is still considered unknown. Like its sibling stone, the metaphysical nature of LGT packs a serious energetic punch, stirring up the element of fire and communicating directly to the solar plexus chakra, conjuring creative forces within! This stone, discovered also in a pendant of King Tutankhamen, has a strong spiritual connection to one’s will & decision making - strengthening these elements within the self. Its function, like that of a spiritual key, unlocking higher consciousness, is just one aspect of the depth of mystery surrounding LGT. But then, as Mulder would tell you, “The truth is out there.”

Chakras: 2nd (Sacral), 3rd (Solar Plexus)

Surface Finish
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