A collection of bloodstone crystals on a wooden plate.


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“We’re off to see the wizard”

The earth-toned greens and reds of bloodstone might not look like the yellow-brick-road, but there is no better stone to accompany you along any path of your journey! Found in various places in the US, Brazil, Uruguay, and Australia, this chalcedony (aka heliotrope) has been historically considered a magical stone. Whether that’s heart: helping heal a broken one, brain: soothing the mind and enhancing decision making, nerve: calming fear, dispelling conflict, and providing courage, or home: helping you feel at home in your physical body even when you aren’t in Kansas anymore! 

Works Well For

  • Calm
  • Wellness

Chakra Connections

  • Root Chakra
Stones and crystals may vary from the display photo in size, shape and colour.
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