The Coven Slumber Party Podcast

Welcome to The Coven Slumber Party with Rae of Black Heart Arts and Sarah of Calling Corners, where we break down and geek out over the witchy, magickal, and mystical media of the '80s, '90s, and more (and try and fill the video-store-shaped holes in our hearts)!

Valentine's Day Episode

In episode 16 we are looking at the efficacy, ethics, and happily ever afters of love spells. When did they start? What elements and ingredients make up the spells? What are our experiences with love spell work? And are pop magazine love spells worthy of cutting out and adding to your grimore? Of course we go off into self-love, shadow work, and letting go. Grab some Dr. Pepper, pizza, and The Lovers card and join us for this very special slumber party episode.