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Scarecrow Village

Our hometown of Truro, Nova Scotia began a deliciously charming autumn tradition in 2021 that saw our small town populated with scarecrows of all kinds! Not only can you find scarecrows galore doing scarecrow things outside in the fall landscape, but local businesses introduced their own scarecrows in their storefronts! Our inaugural Calling Corners scarecrow, Agatha Ipswitch, became a fixture of our shop even as the season turned to winter, then spring, then summer, we loved our witchy scarecrow so much! You can see Agatha this season for 2022, along with our newest scarecrow (and pumpkin) additions to the Harvest Festival!

Calling Corners Scarecrow Story 2022

Scarecrow Village 2022 (September 16 – October 3)

Calling Corners Scarecrows: Agatha Ipswitch (the Witch) Aurora (the Faery Queen)

Agatha Ipswitch, the Calling Corners witch, awakens to notice the crisp spiced magic in the air that can only mean the autumn season is announcing its arrival. There is work to be done as Mabon & Samhain (Halloween) approach and the shop is brimming with excitement! Agatha’s trusted helpers, the Gnomes have been furiously inventorying her remaining spooky season supplies from last year.

While at first, everything appears to be accounted for and in good supply, one of the gnomes discover only a few speckles of faery dust from the Fae Woodlands lining the bottom of the jar.

Some last-minute realm hopping is required for Agatha Ipswitch! An immediate trip to the Fae Realm is required to stock up on this important ingredient. Agatha’s loyal owl familiar flies ahead to let the High Faery Queen Aurora know of the witch’s forthcoming visit.

The gnomes generously pack a case for Agatha full of her creature comforts like the first pumpkins of the season and her favorite…Salemsanctum tea!

Everyone in the Faery Kingdom looks forward to Agatha’s visits, and this is no exception. Floyd and Tig, the mischievous mythical animal familiars of the Faery Queen, resembling the flying antlered squirrel creature the Wolpertinger, of Germany folklore, anticipate what goodies Agatha might bring for them.

Upon Agatha’s arrival, she and Aurora catch up as they fill Agatha’s jars full of fresh Woodland fae dust. Floyd and Tig catch the delectable scent of Salemsanctum tea from Agatha’s case. While no one is looking, and even Susie has turned her owl-head to other matters, the Faery Queen’s familiars jump into the witch’s case to sneakily eat the delicious treat!

Before they know it, they are flying onward, realm-hopping with Agatha back to Truro and Calling Corners, who has still no idea she has two Faery realm passengers along for the ride. As Floyd and Tig pass through the realms, landing at Calling Corners, they try to disguisethemselves as best they can using magic. It isn’t their best work, but they manage to cloak themselves with the magic of the fall season. Emerging - to Agatha, Susie, and the Gnomes surprise - as two pumpkin-headed squirrels with bellies satisfied and full of the remaining Salemsanctum tea.

A worried Queen Aurora comes at once to the shop to collect her wayward familiars. Agatha and the Gnomes ask them all to stay and enjoy the upcoming magic of the autumn season in their little town of Truro at their cozy shop. The three visitors from the Faery realm happily agree, and Floyd & Tig like their new look, and are excited to explore this new space, meet all its townsfolk (and hopefully get a few delicious treats).

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