Rainbow Moon Tarot

Enjoy a modern and fantastical twist on traditional tarot that focuses on inclusivity, whimsy and humour with Rainbow Moon Tarot by Samantha West. This wonderful artist has included fantastical elements, modern fashion, diversity, breaking out of the traditional gender binary, and whimsy. She opened her Instagram to volunteer models for the deck to ensure she would include real, diverse bodies. The result is stunning.

Each card in this deck has a distinct personality and energy highlighted by lush and intricate illustrations. While the traditional themes and structure of tarot are carried through, the cards encourage you to focus on the duality of receptive and outward energy. The deck provides a hands-on guide to ritual-making in a secular age while also offering a reminder to enjoy the cards and smile during readings.

What's special about this deck

Rainbow Moon Tarot exudes a joyful and celebratory spirit that is playful, uplifting and encourages you to embrace your intuition, creativity and sense of wonder. It's an ideal choice if you want to approach tarot with curiosity and joy. 

We love how the deck celebrates the fluid beauty and positive essence of our cosmic existence, breaks down gender norms and invites us to embrace the infinite diversity of a rainbow society. It's an exciting and fun portal into the transcendent position of each individual in the endless spectrum.


Rainbow Moon Tarot

Rainbow Moon Tarot
Rainbow Moon Tarot
Rainbow Moon Tarot
Rainbow Moon Tarot

Rainbow Moon Tarot

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