Wisdom of the Shadow Oracle

Wisdom of the Shadow Oracle
Wisdom of the Shadow Oracle
Wisdom of the Shadow Oracle
Wisdom of the Shadow Oracle
Wisdom of the Shadow Oracle

Wisdom of the Shadow Oracle

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By Jenny Hahn and Jessica Ricchetti

Wisdom of the Shadow: Oracle for Self-Discovery, Soul Work & Transformation

Wisdom Of the Shadow Oracle is a Gateway to the Hidden Corners of Our Being

Each card is a portal and an invitation to explore the deeper richness within and the treasures that are tucked underneath our real-life experiences, energies, and emotions. Each page of the book is an invitation to amplify your own inner Wisdom and deepen in the wholeness, acceptance, and understanding of who you are at the core of your being.

 Our fears, emotions, shame, discomfort, metamorphosis, boundaries, expression, expectations, judgement, pain... they all have stories to tell us and necessary guidance as we navigate the ways of wholeness, resilience, integration, soul-care, rising, healing, wisdom, and authenticity. These are all Core Essences to be explored throughout the Wisdom of the Shadow Oracle, as well as many other facets of Inner Wisdom and Shadow.

 The 44 cards and book are intended to be a deep and powerful tool for self-exploration, personal process, transformation, shadow work, healing, and integrating the many layers of being… underneath what we have known before.


Over half of them are from Jenny's private reserve of personal process paintings (never before seen by anyone else) that she created as part of her own inner journey with healing, integration, shadow work, self-exploration, and soul transformation. They are portals for deep inner work because they were birthed directly while in-the-process of deep inner work. They were not created for this deck, this deck was created from these works.

 The book was written in a deeply ceremonial and intentional way as Jessica worked to translate the Spirit of each image and each invitation in a way that creates room for your own Wisdom to guide the way, while offering multi-layered insight to spark the inner flame. There are Contemplation invitations for each Core Essence (card) to journal or sit with, succinct quotes for a quick nugget to carry forward, as well as simple-yet-mighty Rituals to more deeply work with the transformational potential in a practical & potent way.

The cards, box, and book are all printed on FSC® certified paper (paper that has been harvested in a responsible manner) and printed using plant-based inks (as opposed to traditional petroleum-based ink). We are working to minimize emissions with our shipping choices, and we will be working to make conscious decisions for the packaging we use to mail your rewards to you (recycled, recyclable, and limiting waste).

 44-Card deck and Wisdom of the Shadow Book, in a high-quality magnetic closure clamshell box.

 Premium paper and box options for an Oracle that will last and feel good in your hands. 350gsm artcard will withstand shuffling and use. Card size: 3.5" X 5", with an easy-to-hold book size of 4.5" X 6.25". All of it sits in a high-quality rigid magnetic clam-shell closure box, and an inset (so your cards don't wiggle around in the box). Cards, Box, and Book all include a premium soft-touch matte finish.

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