Witches of Legend: An Oracle Deck

Witches of Legend: An Oracle Deck

Witches of Legend: An Oracle Deck

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By Annabelle Lewis

34 beautiful cards, embellished with gold metallic ink and nestled in a two-part box along with the accompanying guidebook. Each card is a reproduction of a traditional ink and watercolor painting depicting some famous and some lesser-known witches and goddesses.


  • 2.75x4.75” traditional tarot-sized cards
  • Luxurious 350 GSM cardstock with a glossy coating
  • Metallic gold ink on both sides - all of the gold elements you see on the cards are printed using a beautiful specialty ink
  • Gold gilded edges


  • Sturdy two-part box to hold the cards and the guidebook
  • Gold foil stamped on the front
  • Measures approximately 4x6"


  • Includes a meaning and a retold myth or story for each card, as well as spread ideas for using the cards
  • Approximately 2 pages devoted to each card
  • Room for personal notes
  • Gold foil stamped on the front
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