The Witch's Bell Deluxe

The Witch's Bell Deluxe

The Witch's Bell Deluxe

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The witch's bells are often rung to remove stagnant or negative energy, to invoke the goddess, and during Yule to bring back the sun. The vibrations of the bells are meant to banish unwanted and negative energy from your home. Hand on your front door for protection.

This amulet can be used to cleanse any room in the home. Pass a ringing bell through each corner of the room to summon the guardian spirits of the elements. Ring on Samhain to banish evil spirits. You can ring your amulet to open and close a meditation.

The vibration of the witch's bells are an easy alternative to using smoke to cleanse a home of negative energy. Leave a door ajar or open a window to allow negative energy to escape. Form an intention for the space and ring the bells. The duller the sound of the bells, the sense the stagnant energy. You may need to ring bells several times until the sound becomes higher and clearer.

  • Approximately 20"

Crafted in Nova Scotia, Canada by The Cranky Crone.

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