The sales floor of a cozy mystic shop.

About Calling Corners

Our shop was born from a dream to make a little magick in our hometown of Truro, Nova Scotia. Since 2015, we've been manifesting magic with the collective energy, love and support of our wise and witchy staff, and our brilliant community of card slingers, crystal lovers, diviners, dreamers, and mystics.

Our name is inspired by the practice of calling to the cardinal directions - North (Earth), South (Fire), East (Air) and West (Fire) - to draw energy and strength.

We hope a visit to our shop will fill you with the energy and strength to perform your own powerful magic!

Visit Our Shop

147 Esplanade Street
Truro, Nova Scotia, B2N 2K5

Our Coven of Witchy Staff


The owner of the shop, Sarah committed herself full-time as a student of the craft over a decade ago. Her passion and expertise are in tarot (particularly independent tarot) and its exoteric landscapes. She loves sharing her passion for eclectic, sovereign witchcraft, magic and wonder with everyone who comes into the store.


Also known as The Cranky Crone, Susan is our resident chakra and crystal expert and loves educating on chakra and crystal healing.


Also known as The Modern Mystic, Heidi is our resident Angel tarot reader, with a third eye open wide to receive intuitive messages.