The Mermaid Handbook

The Mermaid Handbook

The Mermaid Handbook

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A guide to the mermaid way of life, including recipes, folklore, and more.

By Taylor Widrig with illustrations by Briana Corr Scott

The book mermaids-in-training have been waiting for! Discover the folklore behind mermaids and sea creatures from around the world, like Sedna the Arctic mermaid, Mami Wata, the African mermaid, and Tabib al-Bahr the Middle Eastern sea creature.

Immerse yourself in the mermaid way of life, with tips on how to protect your ocean home and how to best enjoy life on land and sea.

Learn about the world of sea vegetables, and try over 40 delicious and healthy recipes from the mermaid's pantry. With fun facts, mermaid lore, magical illustrations and tasty food for your next underwater picnic, The Mermaid Handbook has everything a mermaid needs to live to the finest!

About the Author

Taylor Widrig is from the South Shore of Nova Scotia, where she grew up by the seaside and attended the Lunenburg Academy. She has a background in culinary arts, health and wellness, and worked as a private yacht chef prior to creating an algal development company and seaweed brands. Taylor loves theatre, sailing, islands, gardening, and spending time in nature and at home. The Mermaid Handbook is her first book.

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