The Black Violet Tarot [OPEN BOX]

The Black Violet Tarot [OPEN BOX]

The Black Violet Tarot [OPEN BOX]

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🖤💜 Indie Print 🖤💜

This deck is previously loved by Tarot Adventures with Jules.

**Please note** This is an OPEN BOX deck, previously-loved deck. It includes all cards in excellent condition.

A deck for artists and dreamers.

Throughout history and folklore, violets have represented life and fertility, death and remembrance - a striking contrast of joy v. grief, beginning v. ending, and future v. memory. 

Designed by Heidi Phelps as she became a mother while losing her mother to cancer, the Black Violet Tarot reflects this idea of bittersweet dualities - of shining light in times of darkness.

78 black and white cards with a women-led take on Rider-Waite-Smith, this deck is for anyone who wants to reflect on any aspect of life - joyful or painful, meaningful or mundane - top tap into their creativity and artistic voice.

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