Rough Black Tourmaline Chunks

Rough Black Tourmaline Chunks

Rough Black Tourmaline Chunks

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“The vampire slayer”

This grounding, coal-black talisman is known for its ability to actively repel vampire energies in any form, like the ill-wishes of others, entities, destructive forces, self-negativity, and energetic debris.

A stone famous for its protection and purification with the ability to cleanse, transform, and lighten the vibration of heavy energies. Black tourmaline is known to enhance vitality in its holder, promote self-confidence, and abate fear. Its not a stake through the heart, but in the realm of stones, this one is your secret weapon, empowering us to be our own hero.

Chunks are 3" - 4" in length and thickness varies.

Works Well For

  • Protection
  • Purification
Chakra Connections
  • Root Chakra
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