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This book is previously loved by Tarot Adventures with Jules.

Carve the craft that's yours alone.

By Kelly-Ann Maddox

This is an invitation to become a witch on your own terms. Rebel Witch does not seek to tell you what to do. Its aim is to spark inspiration and encourage you to create a truly authentic practice that reflects your unique experiences, tastes and personality. It's about trying things out, swerving the stuff that feels dusty and boring, and choosing only what makes your heart dance the witchy fandango!

If you're beginning your journey, Rebel Witch covers all the craft basics, from casting spells and divination energy to shadow work - offering tons of ideas as a launchpad for your own. And if you've been claiming the word "witch" for years, you'll find a myriad of ways of shaking things up. 

Whether you're reinventing the Wheel of the Year, choosing your favourite children's book as a sacred text or constructing your own deity from the icons you admire, you get to build a practice that makes you feel fizzy - and that's a guarantee of potent results.

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