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Rainbow Moon Tarot

Rainbow Moon Tarot

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Rainbow MoonĀ TarotĀ is a fantastical tarot deck that breaks out of the traditional gender binary, instead focusing on inclusivity, whimsy, and humour.


When creating this deck, the artist knew some things would be important for her to includeā€”fantastical elements, modern fashion, diversity, breaking out of the traditional gender binary, and whimsy. She opened her Instagram to volunteer models for the deck to ensure she would include real, diverse bodies. The result is stunning.

Although the traditional tarot structure has been maintained, the images have no gender, which allows the reader to focus on the duality of receptive and outward energy. Created through a Kickstart campaign by alternative designer and artist Sam West, this deck offers a unique, hands-on guide to the craft of ritual-making in a secular age.

Intended for serious readings,Ā Rainbow MoonĀ TarotĀ also reminds us that it is okay to smile and enjoy the cards.

Harness the magical and whimsical energies within the Rainbow Moon Tarot.

Answer the call to break down the formulas of gender by shifting focus to the infinite diversity of a Rainbow society.Ā 

Created by alternative designer and artist Samantha West, Rainbow Moon Tarot is a modern, fantastical tarot that celebrates the positive essence and fluid beauty of our cosmic existence.Ā 

By stepping away from gender norms, each card is given the freedom to offer a fun and exciting portal into the reader's transcendent position in the endless spectrum.

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