Denizens of Earth Tarot [OPEN BOX]

Denizens of Earth Tarot [OPEN BOX]

Denizens of Earth Tarot [OPEN BOX]

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This deck is previously loved by Tarot Adventures with Jules.

**Please note** This is an OPEN BOX, previously-loved deck including all cards in excellent condition.

From The Creator: 

When I first set out to create a tarot deck, I had no overarching theme in mind. My original vision for the deck was actually far more macabre and dark than it turned out. As I moved through the cards, the symbolism, and themes that I loved were far more gentle, and based around nature, plants and animals. I was halfway through the deck when the idea of "denizens of earth" came to me.

Denizen: an inhabitant or occupant of a specific place.

The minor arcana are represented by animals and plants, and the major arcana are represented by a mixture of animal headed, plant headed human figures and symbolic imagery. It wasn't until I completed the deck that I realized that I hadn't included any fungi, or reptiles or amphibians. It's not a flawless representation of life on planet earth, but I love viewing tarot from the perspective of all life, not just human ones. Below are the meanings for each card as well as anecdotes about creating them and what their symbols are.

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