Crystalstruck Tarot & Affirmations Gold Edition Bundle [OPEN BOX]

Crystalstruck Tarot & Affirmations Gold Edition Bundle [OPEN BOX]

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This TWO-DECK BUNDLE is previously loved by Tarot Adventures with Jules.

**Please note** These are OPEN BOX decks that include includes all cards in excellent condition.

Tarot Deck: Crystalstruck Tarot

Combine the intuitive wisdom of tarot with the energetic and healing properties of crystals in the Crystalstruck tarot. This hand-illustrated deck uses traditional tarot format with a unique, crystal twist. Each card is printed on holographic gold foil along with a vibrant, holographic starstruck edge. This deck is ideal for beginners learning to read tarot, as well as advanced readers looking to add crystal properties to their readings.

Oracle Deck: Crystal Affirmations

Learn the properties of crystals through their corresponding affirmations. What are affirmations? They are positive statements that influence thought patterns and help manifest desired outcomes. Shuffle the cards and pull one randomly or choose intuitively. Consider the affirmation as something the universe is telling you to focus on.


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