78 Tarot Ecological

78 Tarot Ecological
78 Tarot Ecological

78 Tarot Ecological

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78 Tarot Ecological is a love letter to our beautiful Gaia. Our 7th collaborative Art deck - 78 Tarot Ecological, Tarot of the Healing Earth, is a deck created to illustrate the effects of climate change on our Mother Earth and how we can help her heal. According to the world's greatest minds, the earth is deteriorating at an alarming rate, and it's up to us to save it. We hope this deck can contribute to the race to heal our planet.

For this collaborative deck we gathered 80 international artists (virtually, in our secret facebook group), and each of them created a card that was a meaningful subject for them on global warming and climate change. This is a deck that connects all corners of the globe. That unites us as one species that loves our Mother Earth.

  • Full Color Front & Back Cards (3.25 by 5.5 inches)
  • 22 Major Arcana Cards (Fully Illustrated)
  • 56 Minor Arcana Cards (Fully Illustrated)
  • 3 bonus wild cards
  • Gold Foil Edging 
  • 171-page, full colour companion booklet with card meanings and artists interpretations of their card.
  • A full colour clam shell cardboard box with a magnetic closure and holographic foil accents on inside and outside of the box
  • Cards printed on 350gsm cardstock with a protective finish
  • Each card contains a blue core centre to reduce card transparency and produce very vibrant colours
  • Cards will have both gold and copper foil accents on the back of cards
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