Asexual Pride Ace of Cakes Pins

Asexual Pride Ace of Cakes Pins

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Some of us would really rather have cake anytime than have sex, thank you very much. 🍰

Satisfy your desire to flaunt your low-key asexual pride with this pin that will leave the cishets thinking you’re a gambling addict with a love for cakes.

This pin is perfect for asexuals!

Product Details

  • 2.3cm by 3cm (0.91” by 1.18”)
  • Black nickel enamel pin
  • Pantone colours for maximum vividness
  • Rubber clasp at the back for stronger grip than standard butterfly clasps
  • Designed with 100% pride πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ in Singapore
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