With These Hands

With These Hands

With These Hands

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Traditional arts, crafts and trades of Atlantic Canada.

By Don MacLean

In the age of big box stores and mass production, there are still artists and craftspeople who make beautiful things by hand. Colourful quilts, hooked rugs, and stained glass. Resilient dories and snowshoes. Whimsical whirligigs. In this book, Don MacLean explores the traditional crafts of Atlantic Canada, visiting dozens of creators in their workshops, galleries, and homes, giving insight into their process and inspiration.

MacLean interviews Dora Gloade about Mi'kmaw bead and leather work. He talks to Yvette Muise about preserving the Cheticamp hooked-rug tradition. He speaks to a luthier and a jeweller. There is an irresistible allure to items that are carefully, lovingly made by hand, whether they are carved from wood or painted on canvas, and MacLean's book explores that in vibrant detail both in narrative and through photographs.

About the Author

Don MacLean writes about the outdoors, as well as traditional crafts, from wood carvings to canoe building. His articles have appeared in Atlantic Salmon Journal, Saltscapes, Eastern Woods and Waters, Canadian Fly Fisher, Outdoor Canada, and others. MacLean is the author of two books on the outdoors and sportfishing and many newspaper columns. He lives in Pictou, Nova Scotia.

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