Ritual Chime Candle (4")

Ritual Chime Candle (4")

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Light a ritual chime candle to set meaningful intentions and are perfect for meditative rituals. Available in a range of colors, each with its own spiritual associations, discover the perfect candle to match your intentions. Let the gentle flame help your meditative journey.

Colour Meanings

White: protection, safety, enlightenment, inviting guides or spirits, connection to your higher self, transformation, freedom, focus, initiation, health

Black: balance, protection, truth, divination, absorbing energies, stability, binding, manifestation, accepting limits, overcoming obstacles, material gain, sacrifice 

Red: passion, fire, strength, power, motivation, desire, ambition, business deals, confrontation, courage, self esteem

Green: prosperity in matters of the heart, finances, increasing trust, rebirth, career, money, employment, fertility, courage to change, relationship stability, partnerships, new beginnings, grounding, artistic abilities, luxury, social activity

Apple Green: prosperity in matters of the heart, playfulness, optimism, integrating responsibilities in ways that are not overwhelming, general healing

Pink: self love, romance, friendship, passion, partnerships, sexual energy, action, new beginnings, honor, femininity, compassion

Orange: relieving depression, sealing spells, increasing opportunities, mental alertness, kindness, harvest, strength, dominance, legal matters, happiness

Golden Yellow: communication, trust, happiness

Bright Yellow: healing, friendship, productivity, creativity, self esteem, humility, intellect, removing negative thoughts, sun energy

Light Blue: peace, creativity, patience

Indigo Blue: patience, wisdom, wealth, joy, calming the mind, finding peace, learning and growth, introspection, removing confusion, clarity, forecasting, finding truth

Lavender: psychic power, divination, healing

Purple: clairvoyance, emotional pain release, spiritual protection, increasing psychic powers, communication with spirits, intelligence, memory, ambition, forgiveness, healing wounded pride

Rust: self confidence, optimism, success

Brown: material gain, home, problem solving

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