The Purple Frog

The Purple Frog
The Purple Frog

The Purple Frog

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Note: We carry two editions of this book - one that's written in English-only, and a bilingual version that includes Mi'kmaw and English. Please select your desired language before adding the item to your cart.

English version by Angela Jeffries
Mi'kmaw translated by Dr. Bernie Francis

Hubert the frog is s smart, purple frog who is constantly teased by the kids at school and harassed by his brother and his sister. They are all green and they make fun of Hubert because he is different. One morning, Hubert wakes up with a green spot on the middle of his forehead. Each morning after, another green spot appears. He covers them up because he knows the teasing will only get worse. Imagine being a purple frog with green spots! How will Hubert ever survive the humiliation? Maybe he would be happier if he was all green, just like everyone else. Or would he?

About the Bilingual Mi'kmaw Edition

The Mi'kmaw version, Nɨsqnanamuksit Sqolj, was translated and narrated by Dr. Bernie Francis, a linguist and respected elder of the Maupeltu (Membertou) First Nation community in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.


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