The Book of Selkie

The Book of Selkie

The Book of Selkie

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Oh, to be a selkie, and live between two worlds. Half your days spent as a seal, and then the other half a girl.

By Briana Corr Scott

Stories about the selkie have been told for hundreds of years by those who live near the North Atlantic and the North Sea. Sometimes called "sea folk", the selkie, as humans, are tall and strong with dark hair and eyes. Extremely private, they keep their seal coats hidden away until they get restless and are called the sea, where they take on their seal forms.

In her follow-up to She Dreams of Sable Island, artist and author Briana Corr Scott explores the selkie legend in a lilting and lyrical book of short, whimsical poems paired with oil paintings that recall the ocean's depths. Find out what Selkie likes to eat, where she lives, how she spends her time on land and in the sea, and even learn a Selkie lullaby. This magical book, complete with paper doll, seal, and clothes is ideal for both bedtime and playtime.

About the Author

Briana Corr Scott was born in Salem, MA and grew up in New Hampshire. Her love of painting began early in life, and continued during her studies at the Massachusetts College of Art. She now lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, with her husband and three children, and works from a home studio. Her paintings are inspired by the natural world, particularly the Nova Scotia coast.


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