Taurus Witch

Taurus Witch

Taurus Witch

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Unlock the magic of your sun sign.

By Ivo Dominguez Jr. and Thorn Mooney

Improve your magical practice and personal development with the power of your Taurus Sun sign. Ivo Dominguez, Jr. and Thorn Mooney share what strengths and challenges your sign brings to both witchcraft and everyday life. Featuring recipes, exercises, stories, rituals, and spells from the authors and a host of Taurus contributors, this book teaches you how to best connect with your sign's energy, manage your power, shield yourself, tailor-fit magical workings to your sign, and more.

Contributors to this volume

Khi Armand • Cheryl Costa • Selena Fox • Dodie Graham McKay • Christopher Orapello • Christopher Penczak • Dawn Aurora Hunt • Sandra Kynes

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