Spirit Talker

Spirit Talker

Spirit Talker

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Indigenous stories and teachings from a Mi'kmaq psychic medium.

By Shawn Leonard

There exists a universal language that transcends all spoken languages, on this planet and every planet in the universe; the language of Spirit. Through his life's journey, Mi'kmaq psychic medium Shawn Leonard learned this language and the art of spirit communication. In this teaching memoire, Leonard shares stores from his life, beginning with his first moments of mediumship and including poignant experiences rediscovering his Indigenous heritage. Alongside these stories, Leonard reveals how to meet your spirit guides, receive your spirit totem animal, respectfully use the four scared medicines, develop your own intuition and psychic abilities, and much, much more.

In revealing his own life story and wisdom, Leonard teaches us how to contemplate our own relationship with the Divine, which helps us understand our relationship with ourselves. His stories will help you to remember who you are, and that you walk with balance in the sacred hoop of life, knowing that you have a divine purpose and that you are, and always have been, Spirit.

About the Author

Shawn Leonard is a heart-centered Mi'kmaq psychic medium and the star and host of APTN TV show Spirit Talker. Taking an authentic approach to the spirit world in his readings, live shows, and media appearances, Shawn imparts enormous wisdom and knowledge of the spirit world and spirit communication. He teaches the Spirit Talker Tribe online course to hundreds of students every year.


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