Modern Wicca - Previously-Loved

Modern Wicca - Previously-Loved

Modern Wicca - Previously-Loved

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Beliefs and traditions for contemporary life.

By Rowan Morgana

The magickal practice of Wicca cultivates devotion to nature, promotes peace and balance, and embraces self-determination. Step down the divine path with Modern Wicca, an up-to-date overview of the principles of faith. Whether you're just starting out or have already begun your journey, this inclusive guide can help you focus your intentions, claim your personal power and move into the light.

Learn the history of Wicca and find out how it has evolved into the modern day. Get acquainted with common deities of the Wiccan traditions, observe the spiritual significance of the holidays, and celebrate the full moon's monthly cycles. Details for creating altars, gathering tools, and spell casting offer plenty of possibilities to adapt and enrich your worship.

This book has been previously-loved by Tarot Adventures with Jules. It is in excellent condition.

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