Luran and the Mermaid

Luran and the Mermaid
Luran and the Mermaid

Luran and the Mermaid

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Told by Mickey MacNeil
Edited by Shamus Y. MacDonald
Illustrated by Emily MacDonald

English Description

Luran was a farmer and a fisherman. He had cattle, sheep, and horses, and a good boat, too. But one thing was bothering him: the fairies kept coming every night and stealing his animals. He didn't know what to do. One day when he was out fishing, a mermaid came to his boat ...

Gaelic Description

Bha deagh bhaile aig Luran. Bha beothaichan aige—crodh, caoraich, agus eich. Agus bha deagh bhàta aige cuideachd. Ach bha aon rud ga bhoidreagadh: bha na sìtheanaich a’ tighinn a h-uile oidhche ’s bha iad a’ goid na beothaichean aige! Cha robh fhios aige dè dhèanadh e. Ach latha dhe na lathaichean a bha e ag iasgach, thàinig maighdeann-mhara dhan bhàta …

About the Author

Mickey MacNeil is a Gaelic-speaking tradition bearer from Jamesville, Victoria County, Cape Breton. His people came from Barra, Scotland, generations ago. In this book, he tells one of his favourite tales, one he learned as a boy and never forgot.

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