Lava Stone

A collection of lava stone on a wood plate.
A piece of lava stone.

Lava Stone

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“Life will not be finds a way.”

Famous words from Dr. Ian Malcom, mathematician specializing in chaos theory in Jurassic Park. While he was referring ominously to dinosaurs in modern times, the line seems to express the metaphysical nature of lava stone. Lava stone, igneous rock forming when lava solidifies, is also known as basalt. Its fiery manifestation has created rock islands where life thrives!

The porous look of this black, grey, and sometimes red stone is from gas within the lava, leaving holes once cooled and solidified. With the elements of fire and earth, lava stone is known as an intense grounding and purifying stone! A spiritual version of its physical creation, lava stone is connected to stabilizing an environment that was previously in turmoil. 

Works Well For

  • Calm
  • Purification

Chakra Connections

  • Root Chakra
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