Herbal Renewal Aromatherapeutic Incense

Herbal Renewal Aromatherapeutic Incense

Herbal Renewal Aromatherapeutic Incense

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An invigorating blend of lavender and rosemary essential oils.

Herbal Renewal incense features a calming blend of essential oils. Soothing lavender joins rejuvenating rosemary to weave an uplifting aroma that brings the bounty of the witch's garden to your home. Settle into a daydream and let your mind wander: inhale stillness and wisdom, and exhale fear & hesitation. You’ll feel refreshed, renewed, and ready for action.

These incense sticks are sold individually. Please add your desired quantity of incense sticks to your cart.

  • Lavender and rosemary aroma profile
  • Associated with Air / East / Spring / Heart Chakra / Swords (tarot)
  • Zodiac signs: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini


Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Charcoal, Natural Resins, Bamboo Stick, Hand painted with natural clay-based paint. Made from plants, not plastics.

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