Crimson Craft

Crimson Craft

Crimson Craft

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Sexual magic for the solo witch.

By Halo Quin

Rediscover the sacred nature of sex, pleasure, and the divine erotic in Halo Quin’s Crimson Craft, a guide for sexual magic and a tool for personal healing, spell-casting, and devotional practices in witchcraft. By theorizing the ethics of embodiment and pleasure within these practices, Quin provides exploratory exercises and tips for taking them further, and safely, with a partner. Crimson Craft is an introduction not only to archetypes, deities, and divine powers but also to the context and benefits of using kink in ritual and creative writing, inviting you - the witch and magic-worker - to deepen your understanding of sexual magic’s possibilities and sweetness.

About the Author

Halo Quin is the founder of The Enchanted Academy, an online school of magic and paganism, and the author of Your Faery Magic and Gods and Goddesses of Wales.

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