A collection of citrine crystals on a wood plate.
A handful of citrine stones on a wooden background.


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“Don’t dream it, be it.”

This orange & honey-coloured quartz carries the energetic vibes of the sun’s rays! And with it, a perfect geological representation of the inspired lyric of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Often growing alongside smoky quartz, citrine also neutralizes negative energies like its smokier sibling crystal.

This warm-hued stone is infused with metaphysical properties of optimism and happiness, empowering us to dream big and energizing us to see those dreams to manifestation. Encouraging imagination, will power, and creativity. Channeling the inviting warmth of the sun, a powerful energetic cleanser itself, so too can citrine be used to cleanse other stones, items, spaces, and the aura.

Works Well For 

  • Purification
  • Intuition
  • Power

Chakra Connections

  • Solar Plexus Chakra
Stones and crystals may vary from the display photo in size, shape and colour.
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