Celebrate the Earth

Celebrate the Earth

Celebrate the Earth

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By Laurie Cabot with Jean Mills

A Year of Holidays in the Pagan Tradition

Explore a magical world. Liberate your talents, gifts, and magical powers with Laurie Cabot as your guide. The renowned author and Witch shows you how to observe the Wheel of the Year - eight holidays celebrated in the ancient pagan tradition, as you renew body and spirit in age-old ritual. Celebrate the Earth tells you everything you need to know. 

Earth Magic
Sample rituals, preparation, garb, herbcraft, spellcraft, magical stones, and lore for each holiday.

Holiday Fare
Recipes to prepare for feasts, some from Celtic lands.

Ancient Activities
Crafts and games passed down through many generations of Witch families to enrich the holiday season. 

List of Sources
An extensive bibliography, plus lists of specialty hops and mail-order catalogs for your particular needs. 

Rediscover the magical potential of herbs, and special spells to promote love, romance, and healing; learn how many of our treasured customs such as honeymoons, wedding bands, and kissing under mistletoe originated in pagan rites. Partake in the wisdom of the ancients and find fulfillment and meaning as you celebrate the earth.

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