C is for Coven

C is for Coven

C is for Coven

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C is for Coven is a reinterpretation of a classic alphabet book, matching each letter of the ABCs with a rhyming phrase that teaches kids about witchcraft. Instead of A is for Apple and D is for Dog, A is for Altar and D is for Drawing Down the Moon. This bewitching and adorable board book will make learning the ABCs fun, magical, and memorable for the whole family.

A is for Altar, set up in my room,

Stones, figurines, and a small bundled broom.

B is for Besom, that broom’s magic name,

For clearing a space with intention and aim.

C is for Coven, a circle of trust,

Conjuring energy, potent and just.

D is for Drawing Down the Moon,

Invoking the Goddess in ritual tune.

Buyers will receive a premium quality board book with a dual purpose- teaching the alphabet, and presenting concepts from modern witchcraft in an introductory, kid friendly way.

  • 6 inch x 6 inch board book
  • 28 pages
  • full color, matte finish with spot UV detail
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