Holiday Crystal Survival Kits

Get a collection of carefully curated stones and crystals to elevate your festive season with positive and harmonious energies. These magical kits features an array of crystals specifically chosen to support and enhance emotional well-being during the holiday season.

Snowball Kit
Includes amethyst & citrine.
Gingerbread Kit
Includes amethyst, citrine, carnelian & blue chalcedony.
Candy Cane Kit
Includes amethyst, citrine, carnelian, blue chalcedony, red aventurine, & green aventurine.
Mistletoe Kit
Includes amethyst, citrine, carnelian, blue chalcedony, red aventurine, green aventurine, pyrite, moonstone, & tiger's eye.


With its soothing purple hues, amethyst is a powerful crystal that promotes emotional balance and calmness to alleviate stress and anxiety and allows us to embraces the holiday festivities with a clear mind. This stone is also connected to sobriety.


The shining star of holiday crystals, citrine is a beacon for joy and generosity. Its warm, positive vibrations create an atmosphere that encourages the spirit of giving and receiving. This stone's golden glow enriches the emotional landscape and fosters a mindset of gratitude and appreciation.


Ignite the festive spirit with carnelian to prompt creativity, adding a burst of energy to every moment. Use this stone to gather inspiration for decorating and transforming the season into a vibrant canvas of holiday joy. This stone is also fantastic for promoting digestion.

Blue Chalcedony

The soothing embrace of blue chalcedony brings a sense of calm and harmony to the holiday season. It promotes open communication and heartfelt conversations with loved ones, making every moment a reflection of calm you and peaceful connection.

Red Aventurine

Elevate your holidays with the fiery hues of red aventurine to infuse passion into each moment. Allow the warmth of this stone to envelope your energy and visualize it flowing through you to awaken a sense of renewed enthusiasm and joy. This is a great stone for starting and maintaining holiday traditions.

Green Aventurine

Summon a little bit of growth and prosperity with green aventurine to foster a heart-centered connection. This stone promotes love and compassion while creating a warm and inviting environment during the season of giving.


The ethereal glow of this beautiful stone enhances intuition and emotional balance. It fosters a sense of serenity and understanding, contributing to a magical holiday experience. Mystical moonstone is celestial and enchanting, guiding us gently through the hustle and bustle of the holidays with a serene and open heart.


Enter the realm of opulence and confidence with the glittering gold of pyrite. This powerful companion stone promotes abundance and self-assurance, so we feel a surge of confidence and empowerment as it enhances our aura with a golden glow.

Tiger's Eye

The grounding energy of tiger's eye helps us maintain balance, providing stability and courage to ensure a steady and composed approach to festive activities. Use this stone to create lasting memories filled with resilience and joy.