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The Craft (1996)

The Craft video still

Episode 1

Welcome to the first-ever episode of the Coven Slumber Party podcast, where we break down the witchy, magical and mystical media of the 80s and 90s while we try to fill the video store-shaped holes in our hearts. In this introductory episode, we're discussing the 1996 witchy gem that started it all for so many of us: The Craft. 

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Show Notes

"A newcomer to a Catholic prep high school falls in with a trio of outcast teenage girls who practice witchcraft. They all soon conjure up various spells and curses against those who anger them." - IMDB summary

The Craft is a teen horror movie released in 1996 and directed by Andrew Fleming who was brought in as a writer initially and ended up directing.

Podcast References

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Quotable Quotes

"Unhappy girls doing mean things and the wait between the special effects - excruciating at times. Thumbs down for me." - Rae quoting Gene Siskel. And then, "I guess I don't agree with old, square white dudes all the time. Shocking." - Rae

 "The worst dude ever, but he's still so pretty. It's so frustrating. But I feel like that's what it was like to be 16 - you're so pretty but you were like the biggest dick. You're so pretty, and hormones are a-raging." - Rae

"It's the classic take-your-glasses-off-and-you're-suddenly-a-babe-trope." - Sarah