The Coven Slumber Party Podcast

Teen Witch (1989)

Episode 4

We head back to 1989, one of our fave film decades, to spend some time with Teen Witch. It's finding a second life on home video & TV, where it reached a hip coven of 90s kids.

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Show Notes

"High school misfit Louise, at a loss for romance, discovers magical abilities, but the teenage witch finds that she cannot conjure herself true love, so what?" - IMDB summary

Podcast References

Into/Outro Music: Vibe Mountain - February | Royalty Free Mustic

Quotable Quotes

"Was this supposed to be a musical and they forgot?" - Sarah

"I don't know if I would have thought it was amazing and wanted to dye my hair red and wear one of those dumb skirts with the triangle, or if I would have just been too creeped out by the weird sex scenes. It gets weird." - Rae

"I feel like there were a couple of times where I thought, is this just a hunky dude, or is it Brad?" - Rae