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Imbolc Illuminated

Imbolc is the Pagan festival of purification after the long winter and a celebration of the promises of spring. It happens halfway between the Winter Solstice (Yule) and the Spring Equinox (Ostara) while the ground is still typically covered in snow, but the Earth is slowly shaking off its winter slumber and preparing for renewal.

The word "Imbolc" comes from the Old Irish word "Oimelc", which means "ewe's milk", as Imbolc is the time of year when sheep are getting ready to welcome a new flock of little lambs into the world. As the sunlight gets warmer and shines longer each day, Imbolc creates a bridge between the darkness and the light, inviting us to align with the natural rhythms of the Earth as we transition from the season for rest to the time of rebirth and growth.

Brigid: the Exalted One

Imbolc celebrations honour Brigid, the Irish goddess of spring, fertility, fire, poetry, healing and blacksmithing. Her energy infuses the season with shifting waves of passionate creativity and protective, maternal care. Brigid is a triple goddess, meaning she represents the stages of womanhood through maiden, mother and crone. She has fiery red hair and wears a cloak crafted from sunbeams that she slowly stretches back over the world as spring approaches.

Irish folklore tells many tales of Brigid's connection to various animals, and farmers ask her to watch over their herds and protect them. She owns two radiantly beautiful oxen named Fe and Men, a powerful ram name Cirb who is also known as "King of Sheep", and an exceptionally powerful boar named Torc Triath who used to be a prince before he was transformed into a boar.

Brigid's Cross

Brigid's cross is commonly crafted during Imbolc to honour her connection to the festival. These crosses are woven from rushes or pliable straw and symbolize protection, so they are often places on altars, in sacred spaces or at the entrance to the home to invite the protective and nurturing energy of Brigid.

The ritual of crafting Brigid's cross typically involving gathering with a group of people and infusing community spirit into the craft. Each participant weaves their hopes, dreams and aspirations into their cross, and shared activity symbolizes an act of communal renewal. These crosses are often surrounded with other symbols of Imbloc like early spring flowers, representations of lambs and candles.


an watercolor drawing of Brigid's cross

Lighting fires for Imbolc

We light fires during Imbolc to celebrate the triumph of light over winter's darkness. Often, these fires are built in hearths inside the home, or as bonfires in open spaces to serve as beacons of hope and inspiration. The fires honour Brigid's flame and invite us to connect with the transformative power of light.

  • Candle magic: try lighting candles with intention and honour the flame that represents the growing strength of the sun. As the candles flicker, focus on any areas in your life that are currently craving illumination and renewal.
  • Bonfire celebrations: gather around a bonfire to share stories, poetry or reflections during Imbolc. As the bonfire becomes the communal focal point, we feel connected with one another and the elemental forces.
  • Divination by fire: embrace the transformative nature of fire in flame scrying, where the shapes and movements of a candle flame are interpreted for insights. These flickering flames are a conduit for divinatory messages and reflect the mysteries and potential of the year about to unfold.

Modern ways to celebrate Imbolc

As the world moves from the cold, dark of winter and toward the warmth and light of spring, mindfully participating in Imbolc rituals can help give us leave behind anything that's no longer serving us and provide hope for the new season ahead.

  • Spring cleaning: as we move toward the Spring, tidying our physical space can help to manifest a spiritual purification and a heightened sense of well being. Play some uplifting music and dedicate some time to each room in your home to revitalize your surroundings and allow the harmony of a clean environment to positively affect your spiritual energy.

  • A festive feast: celebrate the arrival of Imbolc by hosting a feast that includes hearty and nutritious dishes to symbolize the transition from Winter's chill to the budding warmth of Spring. Foods like root vegetables, meats, creamy soups and fresh baked bread not only nourish the body, they fill the heart with the essence of renewal. And don't forget the milk!

  • Light candles: as you light candles to celebrate Imbolc, pause to immerse yourself in the soft glow of light emanating from the flames. Let the gentle flicker of the candlelight guide you into a moment of introspection, healing and purification. Meditate on any areas that need healing and envision the light from the candles as a warm energy that wraps around you and soothes the damaged aspects of your being.

  • Create an altar: prepare a sacred space with items that symbolize Imbolc and honour the themes of inspiration, healing and purification. Items that honour Brigid, candles, fresh herbs, grains, a bowl of milk, and seasonal blooms like snowdrops are a great way to bring Imbolc to your altar.

  • Host a bonfire: encourage your guests to bring offerings of herbs, symbolic objects or written intentions to cast into the flames, invoking the transformative power of Imbolc. Bonfires become a communal focal point, radiating both physical and metaphorical warmth. As the firelight flickers, connect with the primal energies of nature and let the collective spirit of the gathering infuse the night with a sense of unity and anticipation for growth and abudance.