Oracle of the Witch

Oracle of the Witch

Oracle of the Witch

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Oracle of the Witch: Reclaim Your Birthright

By: Flavia Kate Peters and Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

It's time for all witches to re-awaken to the magick of the Old Ways.

Oracle of the Witch has been created to empower all those who wish to explore the ancient path of the wise. It is packed with wisdom and guidance, and it can also be used as a teaching tool for both seasoned witches or dabblers.

Each card has a magickal message and witch tips, and you will learn to understand both the shadow and light side of the messages. A magickal incantation is also supplied to enable you to draw from and connect with the ancient wisdom of yesteryear.

Discover how to harness your personal power as you forge together the mystical forces of nature in conjunction with ancient wisdom, magick and ritual.

44 cards and guidebook included

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