Tea Magic

Tea Magic

Tea Magic

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Tea Magic: Spells, Rituals, And Divination in Your Cup

By: Jenay Marontate

Pour a Steaming Cup of Health, Intuition, and Enchantment

Brewing tea is more than just magic, it is an intimate act steeped in rich history, exciting pageantry, and ceremonial rituals. This beginner-friendly book covers everything you need to know about tea, including all six true varieties, herbal tisanes, and even cannabis tea. You will learn how to:

  • Create your own blend
  • Properly brew the perfect pot
  • Safely charge your tea with crystals
  • Connect to spirit guides and guardian angels
  • Draw on the influence of the zodiac
  • Scry into your teacup
  • Call on gods and goddesses
  • Read the leaves and water

With chants, sigils, visualizations, and other tools, there is likely more to tea witchery than you ever imagined. This book's gentle guidance through the world of tea will help you improve meditation, increase wellness, enhance spell work, and expand your joy one cup at a time.

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