The Wild Unknown Alchemy

Take a journey into the ancient mysteries of Alchemy in this long-anticipated finale to Kim Krans' best-selling series, The Wild Unknown. 

The 71 hexagon-shaped cards in the deck are stunning, featuring intricate and evocative designs that incorporate alchemical symbols, animals, and natural elements. Each card has a distinct energy and meaning, inviting you to explore the deep wisdom of alchemy and the power of transformation. The accompanying guidebook is equally impressive, offering detailed interpretations and insights for each card, as well as exercises and rituals to help you connect with your own inner alchemist.

What is Alchemy

Alchemy is a system of spiritual and philosophical beliefs and practices that seeks to transform matter and achieve enlightenment. Alchemic practices include work with metals, minerals, and chemicals, as well as spiritual and psychological exercises. Alchemists believed that everything in the world is interconnected and that the same principles that govern the transformation of matter apply to the transformation of the self.

"From lead to gold the secret sealed. Patience more will be revealed." - Kim Krans, The Wild Unknown Alchemy Guidebook.

Alchemy has had a profound influence on the development of modern chemistry, medicine, and psychology. Many people find value in the spiritual and philosophical teachings of alchemy, which offer a unique perspective on the nature of reality, transformation, and personal growth.

What's special about this deck

Kim Krans makes alchemy concept accessible and relevant to modern readers while honouring the rich history and tradition of the practice in this deck. The beautiful cards are perfect if you're interested in exploring the depths of your own psyche, uncovering hidden truths and embracing the transformative power of alchemy. 

The stunning artwork, insightful guidebook and powerful energy of this deck make it a valuable addition to your spiritual practice. The cards are divided into six unique suits: 

  • The Cosmic Forces
  • The Colors
  • The Seasons
  • The Materials
  • The Mysteries
  • The Operations

What we love

  • The beautiful keepsake box
  • The hand-lettered, fully-illustrated guidebook 
  • The hexagon-shaped cards are easy to work with and shuffle
  • Never-before-seen spreads where the unique shape of the cards allows the artwork to meld and transform


Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck and Guidebook

Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck and Guidebook
Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck and Guidebook
Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck and Guidebook
Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck and Guidebook
Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck and Guidebook

Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck and Guidebook

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