Thinning of the Veil Workshop

Thinning of the Veil Workshop
Thinning of the Veil Workshop

Thinning of the Veil Workshop

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When the autumn season arrives, and the natural world settles in for its winter slumber, the veil between the physical world and other realms becomes thinner and more delicate. This barrier is thinnest on the last day of October, creating an opportunity for elevated communication between worlds. 

Join us for an evening of otherworldly exploration at this workshop in our cozy boutique shop in Downtown Truro. Our session will begin with an introduction and spiritual preparation, followed by an explanation of various tools and techniques for paranormal communication. We'll finish the experience with a spiritual cleanse to seal the portal.

Experience Includes

  • A 1-hour intuitive workshop session with The Modern Mystic.
  • A 1-hour review of tools for personal protection, and strategies for spiritual connection led by Calling Corners practitioners.
  • A protection crystal to hold through the event and keep afterward.
  • A 10% discount on all Calling Corners merchandise on the evening of the event (excluding gift cards and tarot readings). 

Please note: this workshop is not a scripted entertainment event. There is no guarantee of communication beyond our realm, but this will be a fantastic educational opportunity for all participants. 

Participants will be seated on meditation cushions on the floor in our boutique shop. We apologize in advance that this may create accessibility issues; we continue to search for more accessible venues for workshop events in the future.

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