Wisdom of The Divine Feminine Oracle

Wisdom of The Divine Feminine Oracle
Wisdom of The Divine Feminine Oracle
Wisdom of The Divine Feminine Oracle
Wisdom of The Divine Feminine Oracle

Wisdom of The Divine Feminine Oracle

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By Jenny Hahn and Jessica Ricchetti

The Wisdom of The Divine Feminine is beyond gender, binaries, constructs, or limitations. It is the eternal whole.

This Oracle is for EVERYone wishing to deepen into Divine Feminine Wisdom within themselves. We consciously chose not to make this Oracle about goddesses, wombs, or focused only on women (and we recognize that a womb doesn't make a  woman). The energies we speak about are core energies that are intrinsic within ALL beings. No dogma, bypassing, appropriation, or declaring that we know "the way" (or anything at all for that matter)... these are simply invitations to turn inward and explore YOU.

 Each card has only the image and a Core Essence word printed on the front, with no other writing or numbers, so you can begin to feel in to what arises from within before turning to the book. The themes were chosen based on what energies were spoken directly by the images themselves and what we felt were Core Essences to the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine, and living a life of embodying Wholeness.

The Book Is an In-Depth Guide to Your Inner Landscape

More deeply than serving to give context to the Core Essences within the cards, this book serves to invite you to explore the themes and energies as they relate to your own life, journey, experience, and Wisdom. The book offers many ways to use the cards as personal process tools for transformation in addition to using them as traditional oracle cards.

This book guides you back to YOU… to deepen into your own Embodiment of your Power, Passion, Joy, Ease, and Wholeness.

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