Scorpio Sun Sign Virtual Workshop

Scorpio Sun Sign Virtual Workshop
Scorpio Sun Sign Virtual Workshop

Scorpio Sun Sign Virtual Workshop

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Embark on an enchanting journey where we'll explore the energies, correspondences and meanings of the Scorpio sun sign. In this immersive zodiac astrology course, you'll gain insights into the essence of the Scorpio sun sign and its influence on your personality, relationships and life paths.

Workshop package includes: 

  • A 90-minute virtual workshop hosted on Google Meet on Thursday, October 17, 2024 at 7:00pm (Atlantic Daylight Time). 
  • A physical copy of the Scorpio Witch book that teaches you how to best connect with your Scorpio energy through spiritual practice including exercises, rituals and spells.
  • A Scorpio crystal care kit with 4 beautiful stones uniquely curated for Scorpios. We will cover ways to integrate these stones into your Scorpio magical practices during the workshop.

Please note: because this virtual workshop includes physical products, you must book your space by Wednesday, October 2 to guarantee on time delivery. Participants who would like to pick up their packages at our boutique shop in downtown Truro can book at any time while seats remain.

You will receive an email with workshop details and login information within 24-hours of reserving your space, and reminder emails as the course approaches.

The workshop is specifically about the Scorpio sun sign, but people born under any sign are welcome to attend. This is an introductory course and we will not be working through individual birth charts or delving deeply into moon signs, ascendents, etc.

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