Palm Root Stone

Palm Root Stone
Palm Root Stone

Palm Root Stone

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There is nothing quite like the energizing force of connecting to the earth! The meditative process of bare feet planted on the grassy landscape is an instant relaxer, stabilizer, and healer. Palm root stone, also known as palm root agate or wood agate, is the gemstone equivalent to this nurturing and motivating energy.

Plugging into the root chakra, it is a temporal charge to the auric field, allowing one to re-center and recharge, getting those delicious metaphysical nutrients from Gaia, just like the ancient roots of the fossilized trees that come to us in the gemstone form of palm root stone.

Works Well For

  • Grounding
  • Stabilizing emotions
  • Motivation
  • Endurance

Chakra Connections

  • Root Chakra
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