Pagan Symbol Magick Runes Set

Pagan Symbol Magick Runes Set

Pagan Symbol Magick Runes Set

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Unlock the power of ancient pagan wisdom. Invoke the magic of the gods with each rune, connecting with nature and unlocking your full potential. Embrace the mystery and energy of the unseen world with these sacred symbols. Own a piece of exclusive, timeless knowledge.

Crafted in Nova Scotia, Canada by The Cranky Crone.


  • 1 Elder Futhark symbol sheet
  • 1 Instruction sheet
  • 25 pagan magick resin runes

Basic instructions for rune casting: 

  1. Place a small cloth on a table to case the runes upon.
  2. Ask your question.
  3. Reach into the bag and grab a handful of the runes. 
  4. Cast the lot at random.
  5. Disregard any runes that are upside down.
  6. Read from the center (present) and continue outward (the future) in a clock-wise direction.
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