Listening for the Dead Bells

Listening for the Dead Bells

Listening for the Dead Bells

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Highland magic in Prince Edward Island.

By Marian Bruce

Mysterious lights, howling dogs, ringing sounds in the ear; these omens of death are part of a treasury of supernatural beliefs transmitted through centuries of time and across the Atlantic Ocean. In a book that is part memoir, part oral history, the author reflects on stores about bad fairies, witch control, ghosts, second sight, divination, healing incantations, attitudes toward death, and other links between Prince Edward Island and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

About the Author

Marian Bruce, a former journalist, is the author of six books. Her book on farm horses, Remembering Old Dan, won the PEI Book of the Year Award for non-fiction in 2012. A descendant of 19th-century immigrants from the Isle of Skye, she grew up in a community influenced by Highland customs, beliefs, music, and supernatural tales. After decades of working in cities across Canada, she now lives in High Bank, in the farmhouse where she was born and raised.

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