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Fortuna Tarot: *Limited Edition* Opal Omen

Fortuna Tarot: *Limited Edition* Opal Omen

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This is one of the most elegant divination indie decks we've ever seen. The astrologer and graphic designer behind Studio Artemy, Maria Praena, has created this 79-card deck designed to help you unlock your potential and turn your purpose into gold. These cards combine ancient alchemy principles, tarot, astrology, and numerology to embark on a journey within towards clarity and enlightenment, opening the gates of the occult and spirituality.

These cards respect some of the traditional symbolism found in other tarot decks combined with modern elements, purposely designed to help your mind to tap into higher realms, adding more layers to your readings.

The Cards

  • 79 unique designs
  • 120 mm x 75 mm┬ábespoke cards
  • Luxurious anti-scratch laminated matte
  • Holographic gold foil for front and back
  • Hand-painted symmetrical watercolour background for the back of the cards
  • Hand-painted edges

The Guidebook

An extensive, 200-page guidebook which includes the different theories and core elements found within the deck, meanings, and descriptions of the cards and their archetypes, as well as some unique spreads to use with your cards.

The Box

  • Sturdy two-part box to hold the card and guidebook
  • Rose petal finish (velvet touch)
  • Luxurious holographic gold foil
  • Hand-painted watercolour background
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