A collection of lepidolite crystals on a wooden plate.
A piece of tumbled lepidolite.


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Transformation in Starlight

The stardust sheen over the ethereal lavender colour captures the calming nature of this stone. Often called the "stone of transition", lepidolite is the tender companion to aid in times of great flux. For one who's only constant seems to be change, this soothing stone brings a sense of stillness to the mind, allowing for peace and reducing stress.

Lepidolite is also known for aiding in decision making, diminishing obsessive thoughts and "what ifs". Enhancing self esteem and helping one to form a new sense of self that is not defined by past experiences. This gentle ally also combats insomnia, negative influences, and obsessive thought patterns. Balances emotions, clears meridians and chakras.

Works Well For

  • Protection
  • Wellness
  • Calm

Chakra Connections

  • Third Eye Chakra
  • Crown Chakra
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