Goddess Pillar Candle

Goddess Pillar Candle

Goddess Pillar Candle

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By Sea Siren's Charms

"These beautiful pillar candles are hand-poured purple soy wax and infused with apple and pomegranate fragrance and topped with a magickal blend of herbs associated with the Divine Feminine. 

The Great Goddess is the concept of the almighty Divine Feminine or the Mother Goddess. Traditionally in Wicca, the Goddess is seen as the Triple Goddess or the Triple Crescent, meaning that she is the maiden, the mother and the crone, or the three phases of the moon.

Burn these candles to invoke the Goddess and to invite her into your space or can be used as an offering to her; the sweet aromas of apple and pomegranate are traditional scents of the Goddess and will help bring her essence closer to you in your magickal workings." - SSC

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