Gazing Ball (Medium)

Gazing Ball (Medium)
Gazing Ball (Medium)

Gazing Ball (Medium)

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Gazing balls - the glass version of a crystal ball - is a divination sphere of clear glass. Often with a small component ( approx. 10%) of crystal, they are sometimes still referred to by its quartz counterpart, the Crystal Ball. Some are infused with colour! Choose you hue based on preference, or to harness a particular focus:

Violet = For higher self/angelic/guardian messages & insights for spellwork.

Red = For insights on love, passion, or creative endeavors.

Blue = For inspiration, communication, ways to express messages clearly, and healing.

Green = Insights on matters of fertility, abundance, and luck.

Black = Shadow work, dreams, protection magic, messages for grounding, spirit messages.

Clear = The jack of all trades! Tried and true classic for harnessing any focus and bringing clarity.


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