Full Moon Bath Soak

Full Moon Bath Soak

Full Moon Bath Soak

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Gentle foaming coconut milk ritual bath soak.

Repeated and predictable acts or ‘rituals’ of self-love can have healing effects on our minds and bodies. Prescribing to a monthly Moon ritual can help you disconnect from the busyness of life, get back in tune with nature, and live life with more intention.

This full ritual lunar bath soak was specially designed to help you harvest your endeavors ✼ relax your mind and body to heighten introspection ✼ and help you release what no longer serves you.

  • 4.5oz bag

Crafted in Nova Scotia, Canada by Black Heart Arts.


Epsom salt, French grey sea salt, Himalayan sea salt, coconut milk powder, SLSa, colloidal oatmeal, kaolin clay, rose petals, jasmine flowers, peppermint leaves, ground rosemary, orange peel, poppy seeds, mica, sweet orange essential oil, bergamot essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, polysorbate 80.

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